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1893 Lady Guinevere Spicy Dark Sensuous Solid Perfume - vegan

1893 Lady Guinevere Spicy Dark Sensuous Solid Perfume - vegan

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Vegan Solid Perfume
1893 Original Victorian Recipe
Lady Guinevere
Clovey, Spicy Dark Musky Sensuous
Solid Parfum

Note: If you have tried solid perfumes before, you know they can be a little hard, but these will melt nicely with a little bit of heat from your fingers.

This is an originally reproduced victorian solid perfume recipe from 1893.

Unguents and different types of semi-solid perfumed products existed in various forms throughout history. The late 19th century ushered in a new modern perfumery movement with the introduction of synthetic scents and products. In this recipe, I was intrigued by the ingredients becuase instead of calling for beeswax it called for paraffin- which was patented in 1850 and was one of those "new" ingredients that improved the lives of the Victorians. We used soy paraffin. All the oils it called for are natural. Check the ingredients list for specifics.

OK so how do you use solid perfumes?

For our solid perfumes, we suggest breaking that top layer. You can use a finger and apply it to the skin at the pulse points. You can also take a piece of cloth or a sponge and put some of this on and put it in your aromatherapy lockets.

The Scent:
If you love the smell of Incense, Chai, or Spiced Tea you will love this. It's a lot of clove, but underneath hints of flowers.
The cool thing about this perfume is that even though clove is the most prominent, it is great for many things including keeping insects at bay, minimizing stress, fighting fatigue, and it even can help with aches and pains. It's also a darker spicy scent and so very Victorian. This lovely solid perfume also has lavender, Bergamot, Rose Geranium, & Vanillin.

Enjoy This Original Victorian Perfume

Please note: These are formulated for warmer climates. If you live in a colder climate, you will need to keep it warm in your pocket or in the sun on the dash of the car.

Ingredients : Soy Paraffin Wax, Gum Of Benjamin, Vanillin Oil, Organic Bergamot Oil, Organic Rose Geranium Oil, Clove Oil, Bulgarian Lavender Oil, Vegetable Glycerin

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical 

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