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LBCC Historical

1930's Liquid Rouge - Warm Coral (rollerball)

1930's Liquid Rouge - Warm Coral (rollerball)

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A fabulous "new" rouge from LBCC!

We love liquid rouges here at Gigi's as they pigment the cheeks so perfectly and stay all day!

From LBCC Historical :

Liquid Rouge
Lip & Cheek Stain
Warm Coral
1/4 fl oz
Glass Bottle
1931 Original Recipe
Cheeks & Lips - Read The History Below

This is a lovely coral vermillion color. It's quite a bit different than the other liquid rouges in our shop. Every new decade brings with it formulation advancements ( which I find fascinating). For the 1930s a new type of liquid rouge came out where they included vegetable glycerine in the formula. If you are familiar with our 1922 rouge. You will notice that there is no extra lubrication or slipperiness to help it spread. Earlier liquid rouges you have to work somewhat quickly because they will settle and dry faster than the NEW 1930's liquid rouges. At the time, this was a huge deal " New and Improved" was often seen with these type of products. With this New 1930's liquid rouge, you have plenty of time to move it around, work it into your skin, and add extra layers for a more vibrant color because of the vegetable glycerine. The other NEW and improved portion of this rouge was that it was scented with more than just flower extracts. Many historical ones weren't even scented or perfumed at all unless they used flower water, this new rouge goes above and beyond.

This new 1930s rouge is "perfumed" and one reason this was popular, is because now- these liquid rouges were slowly making their way to the "blush" category. We still have liquid tints for the lips but the name is starting to change as well. By the 1940s it was given a new name " Liquid Lipstick" vs " Liquid Rouge". This transition started happening in the 1930s because, the idea of lipsticks ( like we are used to today was all the rage). That's not to say there weren't cream rouges and cake rouges, those were still very popular.

In fact, in our collections, we have an original cream rouge from the 1930s, which we are in the process of replicating. We also have an original liquid rouge from that time too. So if you want to use this for the lips, you can. Some may feel it's too perfumed to want to use it on their lips and others may not care. So please try both applications to see what you like best. This is also super buildable. The color is beautiful and so very 1930's. As always, you can leave some out in a dish to evaporate it a little and make it thicker.

Popular colors in the 1930s were natural creams, corals, vermilions, and soft hues. Of course, you could always put extra rouge on for the evening and make a bold statement, but during the day, natural hues for the cheeks are the way to go. We are thrilled to offer you this original 1930s liquid lip and cheeks stain.

NOTE: A rollerball is more convenient, but doesn't give the bold color that you can get with using your finger. Also, the scent may seem a little rough, but it smells very 1930s when on your skin, and it tastes rather nice. Remember historical scents aren't what we are used to in our modern world and it may take a little to get used to.

Ingredients :

Distilled Water, Orange Flower Water, Carmine, Safflower Petals, Tuberose, Love, History

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical


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