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A French Rouge (Powder Rouge)

A French Rouge (Powder Rouge)

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1745 French Powdered Rouge

From LBCC:

This recipe came from Hannah Glasse. This is a beautiful blush with simple and natural ingredients. It basically uses hair powder and carmine - you were to mix it to your own preference- "making it as pale as you please" according to the later 1796 edition. We mixed a color which would have been favorited with in first edition published in 1745. Ingredients include: Carmine, Orris Root, and Potato Starch - which became just as popular as wheat starch in 18th century Europe. This is a beautiful color and can be applied with a blush brush. It goes on very smooth and allows you to buff it in- if you want a more subtle look or leave it as-is for that dramatic look -popular in early 18th century France. You also may use scented waters to lighten and soften the color if you desire.

Ingredients: Carmine, Hair Powder, Potato Starch, Orris Root

4 g glass jar with screw top lid

Photis courtesy of LBCC Historical 

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