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LBCC Historical

A Rouge That Exactly Imitates Nature

A Rouge That Exactly Imitates Nature

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A exact 1772 recipe and guess what? It's vegan!

This Liquid Rouge is a beautiful rouge with a lot of color. It is a beautiful natural red.

To apply:

You can use your finger, or a sponge (or cotton) to dab a little on your cheeks and/or lips, let it soak in and then buff it in for placement. It is best to apply to dry lips, you can moustourize your lips prior just dab them dry first or layer a balm over top!

You can build it up for a darker color.

Liquid Rouge is Gigi's favourite as it sinks in and results in a long lasting colour!

A beautiful and natural look! 


Organic Gum Of Benjamin, Natural Brazil Wood, Organic Sandalwood, Alcohol, Alum

1/2 oz

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical

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