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Thunda Thighs

Thunda Thighs Sock Adhesive

Thunda Thighs Sock Adhesive

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Hold-Up, wait a minute, throw a ‘Lil Adhesive in it!

Are your thigh high socks sliding down instead of staying up? While everyone may not experience droopy sock syndrome, for those of us that do, this adhesive is your way to combat that. This body adhesive is sweatproof and steadfast enough to lock those socks in place precisely on juicy legs.

Hold Up Body Adhesive secures the sock to your thighs with a lightweight, roll-on application. It’s gentle, hypo-allergenic, latex-free, and won’t stain your socks. This adhesive isn’t a stiff hairspray hold either; it’s a flexible hold that special effects make-up artists use to hold wigs, toupees, and prosthetics in place. If the drag queens approve and use it, you know our thick thighs can use it too.

Application and removal are easy as pie.

🖤 Wipe area you want your socks to lay with baby wipe or wash cloth to remove any oils.

🖤 Let area dry then generously apply glue. Let sit for 2-3 minutes so it gets tacky. It'll be stringy to the touch.

🖤 Lay socks on top and Voila! You're good to go. If applied correctly, your socks won't go anywhere.

🖤 To remove the glue, just use a gentle towel or washcloth and warm, water.

Product photos courtesy of Thunda Thighs

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