1871 Rose Hair Oil
1871 Rose Hair Oil

1871 Rose Hair Oil

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A lovely hair oil that's as beautiful to look at as it is pleasent to use!

An exact 1871 recipe! And Vegan friendly too!

The smell is sweet and earthy with a hint or rose. And the beautiful pink hue is thanks to the alkanet!

Hair Oils are meant to strengthen the hair, give it shine, and condition it. You can also use hair oils for frizz and to help set your hair. Historically hair oils were important to apply daily. Just a few drops then run through and work into your hair. Enjoy This Original Recipe Victorian Hair Oil!


Organic Rose Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Oil Of Ben, Alkanet

Note from LBCC Historical: There may be some Alkanet settlement.. just give a good shake. Some settlement is perfectly normal for our historical,natural, and healthy products.

1 1/8 oz

Photos Courtesy of LBCC Historical