1922 Vegetal Red Rouge
1922 Vegetal Red Rouge

1922 Vegetal Red Rouge

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Another exact original recipe liquid rouge, this one from 1922!

It is the brightest liquid rouge we have available from LBCC Historical! An absolutely delightful warm red-pink! 

A little goes a long way, and as with all rouges , it is build able for a more intense look! It is made with rose water and has a lovely delicate aroma! 

The perfect 1920's rouge! 

Ingredients: Carmine, Natural Rose Oil, Organic Rose Water

1/4 oz

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical

A note from LBCC Historical on Ammonia: This original recipe does contain trace amounts of ammonia. By the time this rouge is in your hands, that little bit will have evaporated. Historically various ingredients like ammonia have been used in the separation of carmine by dissolving the two together.. For this recipe, it is done to draw as much of the bright red out of the carmine as possible. This sits for many weeks while it "works" so by the time the rest of the organic ingredients get mixed together, any ammonia that was used is now evaporated. Being a new recipe, I wanted to explain how the ammonia is used. We take our ingredients very seriously and always want you to know what ingredients are in our products. Ammonia salts have been used since Roman times