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1930's Cold Cream / Cleansing Clay Mask (vegan)

1930's Cold Cream / Cleansing Clay Mask (vegan)

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So excited about this historical product in a stunning reproduction labelled glass jar you'll delight in displaying on your vanity!

This cold cream is really more of a mask and to be used as such, the natural essential oil aroma is delightful and very aromatic!

My favourite way to use it is to slather on before a bath and let it work it's magic while I relax in the bath, then use a washcloth to remove right in the bath - easy clean up!

This is an excellent and refreshing Cold Cream.

"This original preparation is refreshing and cooling to the skin, being exquisitely perfumed it keeps the complexion clear and smooth" so states this original recipe.

Women in the 1930's had a beauty regime that almost always included some type of cold cream for cleansing and moisturizing. By this time there were many different types available with different methods of use. Some, more classic cold creams, are wonderful to sleep in as it will work it's magic overnight fighting against wrinkles and dry skin. They had those type as well in the 1930's, but this one isn't of them.

This one is more like a clay mask- to remove makeup and dirt. It will moisturize wonderfully, but you will want to remove it after a 10-20 minutes with some water and not leave it on all night.

By the 1930's the whole concept of different skin types came into the spotlight which forced the makeup companies to come up with creams that could benefit specific types of skin. This cream although wonderful for every skin type, is excellent for those with oily or acne prone skin.

White Kaolin Clay:
This clay gives an ideal balance for those with sensitive skin that needs a bit of oil cleaning and gentle exfoliation. It helps absorb toxins without drying out your skin. You can keep Kaolin on for up to 20 minutes as you bask in your 1930's cold cream mask it will be soaking up impurities in the skin such as oil, grime, or dead skin cells and after rinsing, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and comfortable leaving your complexion clear!​

Vegetable Glycerine:
Acts like a toner and is wonderful for those with oily skin. It is also crazy moisturizing and plays an important role in cell maturation and helps fight pimples, acne, and blackhead. Vegetable Glycerine also has some sun screen properties. This Kosher Glycerine is Palm derived!

Lemon Essential Oil:
Enhances mood and concentration! It helps with stress and anxiety. Lemon oil acts as an astringent. It constricts bodily tissues when applied topically. For this reason, lemon oil may be used for deep cleansing of the skin while also shrinking pores. Terrific for oily skin types, lemon oil acts as a natural toner that reduces the amount of oily and waxy substances produced by the sebaceous glands. Since overactive sebaceous glands are a major cause of acne, cysts, hyperplasia, and other inflammations of the skin, adding lemon oil to your daily skin care regime can help heal and prevent breakouts. Remember lemon oil can be photo-toxic. so exposure to UV rays could possibly cause hyper-sensitiveity in skin. We don't think you will have issues, but we need to post to make sure you are aware of this. So don't use this and go into a tanning bed! lemon and bergamot oils were frequently used in many different 1930's products.

Bergamot Essential Oil:
Bergamot Oil has a clean and refreshing citrus fragrance believed to be helpful and to calm the mind. It is a natural cleanser. It's wonderful for oily skin because it helps unclog pores and brings balance to oily skin! Again, like the Lemon- The oil does have a slight tendency to have the possibility to increase your skin’s photosensitivity. So just be aware.

Gum Of Benjamin:
is a natural gum that is beneficial as a antidepressant, disinfectant, relaxant, antiseptic, astringent, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The astringent properties also help tone up the muscles and skin. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and soothes inflammation for skin and acne plus it prevents and heals cracking of skin, sores and is used to extend the shelf life.

Please Note: This will need to be shaken before use! This can be used in the morning and/or in the evening!

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Vegetable Glycerine, EO Lemon, EO Bergamot, Gum Of Benjamin

Volume: 5 1/2 Fluid ounces

 Lead and last photo courtesy of LBCC

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