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1930's Dry Shampoo / Hair Powder
1930's Dry Shampoo / Hair Powder

1930's Dry Shampoo / Hair Powder

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A original recipe 1930's Vintage Dry Shampoo!

This dry shampoo is an original recipe from 1933 and it's fantastic!

This recipe is the natural coloring so it's especially great for blonds, but those with dark hair can use it too ( it may lighten your hair temporarily because it's not colored). Also this is meant to be put in- rubbed into the scalp and left on for 10 minutes and then brushed out preferably with a dense bristled brush or comb as per the original instructions. This is a wonderful way to keep your hair healthy!

Check out the original directions:
"Apply and rub vigorously into the roots of the hair. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rub the scalp again and shake the excess off. The hair must be then brushes with a stiff bristled brush until every trace of shampoo has vanished.

This lovely dry shampoo has a natural Orris Root scent which is delicately woody. 


Orris Root, Organic Corn Flour, Magnesium Carbonate

*Please be aware that orris root is a known allergen, as are many plants. We can usually provide samples if you'd like to try first!

62.3 grams

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical