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1934 Rose Pomade - Hair Pomade
1934 Rose Pomade - Hair Pomade

1934 Rose Pomade - Hair Pomade

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A 1934 Original Recipe

Soft Pomade

An lovely scented emollient for soothing and protecting the skin, scalp, and hair.

Pomade is pretty much timeless. It has been the go to hair product for centuries. In our modern day, we are starting to see it comeback, but in the 1930's Pomade was very important for both men and women. In addition we see hair oils and brilliantines but soft pomade like this is an excellent way to scent the hair and keep that hollywood shine!

This is a soft pomade- which means it does not have any bees wax in- so this is great for shine and taming frizz and you can also use this original recipe with curl set. It will help give you beautiful definitions for layers & curls, smoothing flyaways & split ends, adding texture, and providing shine!

Ingredients : Rose Water, Otto Rose Oil, Olive Oil, Lard

1 oz

Glass Jar

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical