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A Robust French Rouge (Powder Rouge)
A Robust French Rouge (Powder Rouge)

A Robust French Rouge (Powder Rouge)

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1745 French Powdered Rouge +

From LBCC:

We took a 1745 French Powdered Rouge which did not have specific amounts- and we added Alkanet to it which produces a darker lovely berry color. This recipe came from Hannah Glasse. This is a beautiful blush with simple and natural ingredients. You were to mix it to your own preference- "making it as pale as you please" according to the later 1796 edition. We went the other direction and make it darker. We tried the pale color and weren't pleased with it. This color looks lovely and natural. This is a beautiful color and can be applied with a blush brush. It goes on very smooth and allows you to buff it in- if you want a more subtle look or leave it as-is for that dramatic look -popular in early 18th century France. You also may use scented waters to lighten and soften the color if you desire.

Ingredients:  Organic Starch, Organic Orris Root, Carmine, Organic Alkanet Root

4 g glass jar with screw top lid

Photis courtesy of LBCC Historical