1912 Rose Perfumed Hair Curling Fluid
1912 Rose Perfumed Hair Curling Fluid

1912 Rose Perfumed Hair Curling Fluid

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A stronger hold hair setting lotion from 1912!

Get ready, get set....to set your hair just like they use to!

What will curling fluid do?
Curling fluid is similar to hairspray, but it's not as hard on your hair and it holds really well. Unlike hair mousse, curling fluid is not stiff.. Now if you use a lot of this curling fluid it could dry stiff but then you can carefully brush it out.

LBCC Historical's tips on how to use:
The best way is to have damp hair ( but not necessary). Put a small amount of curling fluid in your hand and rub together, running your hands through your hair. The amount you will put on will vary for each person. After applying the curling fluid, comb the hair through to the scalp until it is free of snarls. In combing the hair after the waving fluid has been applied, always start from the bottom of the hair, taking a small section at a time, working to the top of the head, ( just like pomatum) to avoid creating the snarls which would occur if one started from the top or at the parting and combed down. In combing out a finger wave whether dry or wet remember to use this same method


Gum Arabic, Sugar, Boric Acid, Rose Water, Alkanet

3 oz


Photos courtesy of LCBB Historical