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Turkish Rouge
Turkish Rouge

Turkish Rouge

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Historically Inspired: Solid Turkish Rouge 1740 - 1810

From LBCC Historical:

So This Turkish Rouge has a looong story. The original recipe calls for Brazil Wood and makes a liquid that is a lovely red color - Brazil wood doesn't like oil. So I had to substitute historical pigments like Iron Oxide, Alkanet Root, Sandalwood,and Beet Root to come up with a close color match. The unique thing about this lipstick/ tinted lip balm ( depending on how you wear it) is that it changes color in various lighting. This does have a lovely color. I first found the original recipe in an 1810 book and later found the same recipe in a book from 1740.

How to apply: I like to use a lip brush to apply this as its more like an actual lipstick. It is pretty glossy and shiny and will be heaven for your lips. It is a harder base, so you have to "dig into it" to soften it up a bit.

Think about it this way: This would be a great color for daytime and work, as its subtle pinky red hues. At night this turns dark red which would be great for balls and nights out on the town.

Ingredients: Alum, Beet Root, Iron Oxide, Alkanet, Sandalwood, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Carmine

.5 oz