Liquid Bloom of Roses
Liquid Bloom of Roses
Liquid Bloom of Roses

Liquid Bloom of Roses

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A simply gorgeous rouge!

This is an original 1896 recipe! This rouge was available from 1780-1958.

A truly stunning shade with a decidedly more pink look than your typical rouge. An absolutely charming shade...and it even smells ever so faintly of fresh roses!

The original directions for application: 

"Apply with the corner of a soft handkerchief, taking care that if the color is too bright it is reduced by means of pure water."

We find applying straight from the bottle with either your finger or a cotton pad, or a hanky if you must!, to be easiest.

Liquid Rouge's are marvellous as they sink into the skin and lips resulting in long lasting colour! We recommend dry lips for application, and you may choose to apply a few layers for a richer colour.

A bit of history from LBCC Historical on this rouge:

Liquid Bloom of Roses, was imported from England by the founder of the Parisian beauty house Guerlain in the 18th century. We stayed as close as we could to the original bottle and label. Eventually, Monsieur Guerlain changed its formula. Soon others started creating a similar formula and you were able to have your pick of Liquid Bloom of Roses with similar names. It continued to sell until 1958.


Carmine, Rose Water, Essence of Roses, Organic Rose Oil


Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical