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Orange Flower Hair Pomatum
Orange Flower Hair Pomatum

Orange Flower Hair Pomatum

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Oooh, the scent of orange flower! Favoured by one of our favourite glamour girls : Marie Antoinette!

This recipe has been slightly modified but remains close to the original, a classic centuries old product!

Have you ever wondered how women were able to get their hair to do such amazing styles throughout history? Here is one of the best kept secrets: Pomatum.

Pomatum is a perfumed ointment used for the hair, face, and skin.This recipe for pomatum ( pomade) has been used for over 300 years with minor changes. These pomatums are exceptional because they are great for the hair, face, and skin, while also travelling well.

A little goes a long way. This works well to tame fly aways and help set the hair. This pomade will assist in crafting a variety of 18th century styles, from the smoother styles (including the fashionably tall hair of Marie Antoinette) to hedge hog curls, all while conditioning your hair and staying true to the time period.


Orange, Jasmine Flower, lard, Wax, JoJoba, Essential oil


Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical