Rice Powder for the Face
Rice Powder for the Face

Rice Powder for the Face

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A beautiful silky all natural face powder!

A loose powder which helps to remove glare and if you are using it in a modern way, it helps prolong the effect of foundation and concealer. It will disappear into your skin and help create a flawless finish whether you use it historically or in a modern regime.

Does rice powder actually have any known benefits?

It does have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. it also has phytic acid which can help exfoliate the skin, making it fresh and soft. The high levels of PABA are said to act as a sunscreen and with allantoin present it is known to soothe burns and help promote skin repair. Plus it helps control excess oil. Rice powder also has vitamin B which can help boost new cell and help slow down the aging process. Plus remember historically it's known to brighten the skin.

This powder includes a petite powder puff! You may also choose to apply with a fluffy powder brush. 


Pure Rice Powder


Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical