Sizing and Laundering



Caring for your new lingerie and hosiery: We suggest hand washing in cool water with gentle detergent or soap and lay flat, or hang, to dry.

Please note that most of our bras are standard traditional UK sizing and many feature firm supportive bands. If you are used to very stretchy bands you may want to choose your sister size, example:

30DD = 32D = 34C

It is helpful to lean over and allow the breast tissue to fall into the cups for proper fit, especially when it comes to bullet bras! Then once on, you may need to further adjust and will definitely want to adjust your shoulder straps! A snug strap makes a world of difference in fit when it comes to bullets especially!

*Need more of a visual "how to" on measuring yourself for a bra at home?

Scroll to the bottom for how-to measure yourself photos , and fit comparisons!*

When it comes to body pieces and bottoms, we list in US/CAN sizing unless otherwise stated. Here is a compilation of size charts and tips from some of our fabulous brands and designers:

What Katie Did


A note on Bullet Bras:

If you are a Core (A-D cup) size and you are happy with your current "cut and sewn" bra size then you should wear the same size in our Bullet Bras.

If you are a Curve (DD+) size then you will generally need to go up a band size and down a cup size. This is due to a combination of the non stretch band and a lack of wire spring (due to no underwires).

It is important the band of your bra is snug, yet comfortable. Please keep in mind that the slightest shoulder strap adjustments can change the fit of a bullet bra, if your bra looks too big, try snugging up the straps first to see if that helps!

If you need to change the band size of your Bullet Bra (or any bra for that matter) this is what you need to know (often referred to as 'sister sizing').

If the band is too small but the cup size fits, then you need to go up a band size, but down a cup size. For example, if you are a 32FF, then you would need a 34F which would make the band 2" longer, but the cup size would remain the same as your original 32FF.

If the band is too small, and the cup is too small, then you will need to go up a band size and a cup size. For example, if you are a 32FF, you would need a 34FF which would make the band 2" longer and the cup one cup size bigger.

If the band is correct, but the cup is too small, then you need to just go up a cup size. For example, if you are a 32FF, you would need a 32G.

An example of how different band sizes have the same cup size:

32FF = 32F, 34E, 36DD, 38D, 40C

34F = 36E, 38DD, 40D

36F = 38E, 40D

38F = 40E

Playful Promises Sizing

Playful Promises lingerie also uses the plus method for sizing bras, as What Katie Did and Dita Von Teese, we are now listing our PP bras in UK sizing as well.

Here is Playful Promises bottoms size chart:


Bust (IN)

Waist (IN)

Hips (IN)













































Bettie Page Lingerie

Gabi Fresh x Playful Promises and other Playful Promises Curve Sizes:









14 45.7 36.3 43.7
16 48.5 39 46.5
18 51.2 41.8 49.3
20 54 44.5 52
22 56.7 47.2 54.7
24 59.4 50 57.5

Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie

Waist (in)

Hips (in) Waist (cm) Hips (cm) Size
24-26 34-36 61-67 87-92 Small (S)
27-29 37-39 69-74 94-99 Medium (M)
30-32 40-42 76-81 101-107 Large (L)
33-35 43-45 83-89 109-114 Extra Large (XL)

Bettie Page and Girl Howdy Swimwear

Kilo Brava Size Chart

Stockings Tips

We always suggest having a seat and taking your time when putting on your stockings!

Please note that for day-to-day wear, garter/suspender belts are worn under your knickers. This is personal preference of course but it sure makes visits to the powder room less complicated! We suggest putting on your belt, then stockings, then knickers.

You'll want to roll up and slide your foot in gently, just like pantyhose, then glide up the leg. If you feel the back carefully, you should be able to find your backseam and guide it up the leg for a straight line. You can straighten your seams in the mirror afterward, either by rolling down the stocking, adjusting, and rolling up, or carefully shifting the nylon being sure to use your finger pads and not your nails! Never tug at a stocking.

Your back strap need not be directly lined up across your bottom, just towards the back. That back strap is especially easier when you are seated at the edge of the bed or a chair.

Launder stockings after each wear. Or rather set aside in a cloth bag, don't toss in with the rest of your lingerie laundry as there is plenty for them to get snagged on. Then once a week or so, soak your stockings in lukewarm water with a bit of gentle detergent or soap. Rinse. Hang from the toes. Yup, the toes! Many storage shops sell circular clip hangers with many clips you can hang above the tub, or simply use a clip pant/skirt hanger.

They'll be dry by morning!

Then to store, put each pair back into the plastic bag it came in! Or if you've discarded it, plain plastic "snack" bags work. Then pop them into your hosiery drawer, or if you've got a large collection to keep tidy, do what Gigi does: shoe boxes! You can purchase clear plastic ones at the hardware store so you can easily see what's inside, or save a toonie and use an old shoebox!

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This is by no means a comprehensive size list, so if you require further sizing assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

How to measure yourself for a bra

You will need a measuring tape, or if you don't have one, a piece of string and a ruler will do! You will want to wear an unpadded bra or bralette while measuring.

I have included many photos of measuring while wearing different bra styles, so you can see the difference. Further instructions and tips to follow.

For reference, I generally fit a 36F, or 38E best, in most of our styles at the moment though I also wear plenty of older bras in 36E. Sometimes a 36G if the bra is running small in the cup.

Step 1 : Hold the measuring tape firm around the underbust/ribcage, careful to hold it straight and also keep it under the underwire if there is one...

Here's that same measurement in an underwire bra:
And in a bralette style:
I like a firm band so I hold the tape very firm. As you can see it's about 34/35" around. Because most of our bras are cut traditionally, you need to add anywhere from 1"-4" in most cases to get the comfortable band measurement.
I like a firm band so in most of our stretch bras, I choose a 36 but in non-stretch such as the Maitresse Bullet Bra at the top here, I choose a 38 and it is very snug on the tightest setting!
Here is a slightly more relaxed underbust measurement:
Although a snug band is recommended for best support, not everyone feels good in a snug band. If you do not like a "tight" feeling, make sure to hold the tape firm but not too tight, such as above.
Another measurement I often take is the high chest measurement, I find taking this into consideration along with the rib cage will often give a more accurate band estimate! Like this:
As you can see, my high chest measures about 38" and in the non-stretch styles, this is the band that fits me best.
If I hold the tape a little snugger, I get 37". Again, because I prefer a snug band, I wear a 36 in most of our bras that have some stretch.
Now here's where things get a little more tricky. Your overbust measurement. This is how we determine your cup size. Each inch represents a cup size ( A, B, C, D, DD, E, F...)
However, it can be misleading, as breast shape also plays a factor. Here is my overbust measurement taken as recommended , relaxed (not loose!) around the fullest part of the bust:
About 45". So if my band is 36, that's a 36H or 38G, but I know that even in our snuggest fitting styles I've never filled larger than a 36G, which is two cups smaller! What gives? Well, my breasts are fuller at the bottom, and I've found a snugger measurement tends to give me a more accurate result:
That's about 43", which would be a 36F.
Here's full bust measurements, relaxed and snug in the other bras:
They're a little bit different! The underwire bra measures a bit smaller over-all, because of the way it holds and its shape.
The bralette on the other hand gives the largest measurement when relaxed and smallest when snug, and that's due to its lack of structure.
Of course trying on in boutique is preferred but not always possible, which is why I've tried to show the best way to measure yourself. That way you can send those numbers to me and I can help decide on size with you!
If you've worn any of our brands before, that will help and knowing your current comfy size (if you have) in any brand in addition to measurements, certainly helps too.
I also try to always include fit tips in our descriptions especially if a bra is running small or generous and if you're better off sister sizing in a certain style. Again sister sizing is like so: 34G/36F/38E/40DD, these all have the same cup volume but the band size is different and the cup placement may vary slightly.
Something I thought would be helpful is seeing the same bra, in three different sizes! Here is the Dita Von Teese Madame X bra in 36E, 38DD and finally, 36F :
Looks alright, maybe a smidge small?
Definitely a little spillage on the side..
And at the top, seems more obvious in the profile:
Now how about the 38DD? It's the same cup volume, but a larger band, which I don't need. But is the cup placement different enough to make a noticeable difference in fit? Let's see...
Looks pretty good!
Less spillage!
Profile looks nice too!...but...
the band is very loose! This isn't a sports bra by any means, but this would move around and likely cause at the very least annoying readjustments if worn during an active day.
Interestingly though, the slightly wider set cups really helped with the spillage, even if this 38DD is technically the same volume as the previous 36E.
I would wear this bra for low imapact days or special occasions in this size!
Now how about the 36F? Please keep in mind this one is in a now discontinued colourway, but it is the exact same style :
Ah! Comfy! See how the cup encases all of the breast tissue, no spillage:
And the band?
Nice and snug, just how I like it! How about the profile?
Just perfect!
So it looks like, in the Madame X, my ideal size is my usual 36F!
I hope you've found these tips helpful, and please do contact me:
for help with sizing when it comes to any of our bras or other lingerie!
x x x