Springtide Splendour!

For the first time in Gigi's history : A duo look-book!
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We had so many authentic vintage delights along with some recent arrivals and mainstay reproduction lingerie we wanted to photograph for you that we needed two marvelous models to do so!
Our first model is the ever so delightful Megan , she is a stylist as well as a model! You can learn more about Megan on her Instagram : @meggwin
Megan wears many different vintage looks in this set! Including another
vintage deadstock girdle!
She is also modelling pieces from our newest collection from Inspiration Vintage, arriving soon! You'll see we paired these pieces with one of our six strap garter belts from What Katie Did, the CC09, along with their Glamour Seamed Stockings. We chose to photograph the knickers on top of the belt as that is the way we recommend wearing for day-to-day life! It makes things easier!
Megan is wearing Besame's 1946 Red Velvet Lipstick.
Our second model is the charming Andrea! Andrea is an author and performer, you can check out her instagram : @weenerwoman
You can support her latest book and project here : Modern Whore : A Memoir
Andrea modeled plenty of beautiful and rare vintage pieces, including ANOTHER deadstock girdle!
She also modeled our recent Shelly Pyjama set from Kiss Me Deadly and you'll see a sneaky Bleu bralette as well.
We paired two more pieces from our upcoming Inspiration Vintage collection with What Katie Did's 1930's dressing gown in peach and you'll also see some Glamour Seams of course!
Andrea wears Besame's Micky Mouse Ink and Paint lipstick.
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