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1825 Parisian Hair Pomade

1825 Parisian Hair Pomade

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Parisian Pomade
Original Recipe
Medium Hard Pomade
Fresh Scent

We are excited to bring you this yummy smelling original recipe pomade. This is a medium hard pomade but we have put it into a soft pomade jar, this pomatum smells amazing- It's really fresh scent- not overall flowery .

This Pomade specifically says it's for improving gloss and luxuriousness. Think Shiny Healthy Hair with a bit of hold!

Soft Pomade- Soft Pomade is excellent for those that have dry hair as a moisturizer. Soft Pomade does not have beeswax in. In beauty manuals, they usually suggest using the soft pomade for your initial pomade and powdering... then the upkeep and styling is done with hard pomade and re-powdering. Remember you need to be brushing your powder out as you are working with historical pomade and powder.

1825 Pomade- if you are using this in the "regency" period- Powder is something that isn't used in the amounts it was in the 18th century if at all. There are a few people still using it, but mostly for a dry shampoo and to manage extra oil at this point. It would not be noticeable in the hair if it was used. By this time- Pomades like this were meant to promote shine and luxuriousness. If you think about the unique styles in this period, this pomatum will be awesome for curls and getting that shine when you work the hair into the popular styles like the Apollo Knot.

This Pomade isn't super hard, like the ones in the tins- which is why we put it into the soft pomatum jar. So this is a good medium and if you aren't sure which to get, a hard or soft pomade this is a great one to start out with. This will be great for ringlets!!

Ingredients: Orange Flower, Jasmine Flower, Lavender, Sweet Briar, Organic Bees wax, Lard

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical 

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