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1936 Velour Setting Powder with Puff

1936 Velour Setting Powder with Puff

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A luxurious 1930's face powder!

This 1936 Velour Face Powder is a silky powder delivers a flawless, soft matte finish.

From LBCC: For the tint- original tinting recipe from 1931. They told us what ingredients we needed to get the popular tints of the day like "Sunburn, Natural, Dark Brunette and Flesh" but they didn't tell us the amounts needed. So we took the original palette's and advertisement photos, along with the ones in our collection and used the original ingredients mixing it until we accomplished the "flesh" tint. This silky original recipe face powder keeps skin matte and free of shine. It's buildable and you can build it up from sheer to matte if you wish.

In the 1930s face powder started coming in all different shades to help create a sheer, natural-looking complexion. Perhaps we can also offer different shades depending on how much you guys like this. This lovely reproduced product had the option to come with a vintage powder puff in the drop-down menu! This time around we did the "flesh" tint which is a pretty natural general tint for the time.

This tint is going to likely match best to lighter skin tones though is light and sheer enough it should work as a light setting powder on a variety of skin tones though regrettably will be less suited to darker skin tones.

NOTE: As with any powder, it may be jostled in shipping. When you receive our powders, let them sit face up for a few hours before you open them to let any dust calm down. Never tip the tin to open them, always hold the tin upright and straight when opening to avoid spilling.


Organic Wheat Starch, Rice Powder, Magnesium Carbonate, Carmine, Essential Oil

Final photo courtesy of LBCC

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