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Lily + Lilac Water - Eau Du Toilette - w/ sprayer

Lily + Lilac Water - Eau Du Toilette - w/ sprayer

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1920's Lilies & Lilac Toilet Water

Can be used as - perfume, linen and room freshener
4 1/4fl. oz
Timeless, Lovely Spring
Lovely pink/peach color

Enjoy this lovely bottle of Eau De Toilette. Scent your room, your sheets, clothing, and use it to refresh you skin!

Can be used as a light perfume, linen/room spray, in bath water or laundry...and more! We love a splash in our lingerie washing basin!

The original label is adorable and hints to what was en vogue at the time. 1920's were all about the Egyptian Revival.. Lilacs and Lilies are a classic fresh springy scent.

If you adore the smell of lilies and lilacs this is the water for you. By the 1920's perfumes and toilette waters had more variety because of perfume fragrances. They were all the rage- especially for plants that don't produce essential oil, like Lilac. We were able to enjoy these rare fragrances all year round and they lasted longer and were less expensive than the old school real flower oils. This matches their scent perfectly and can be used for perfume, bathwater, room fragrance, body spray and so much more. Enjoy this lovely scent. It's so fresh and heavenly. Think Downton Abbey Spring time.
Please Note: The color will vary depending on how much sunlight it is exposed to.


Perfume oil, water, alcohol, vegan friendly


Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical 

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