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1756 Bergamot Hair Pomade

1756 Bergamot Hair Pomade

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18th Century
Bergamot Pomatum
Hair Pomade
1696, 1714, 1756,1772,1779,1833, 1840, 1850,1856, and 1898

Bergamot Pomatum was also documented as being used in 1714 as well and probably used throughout the 18th century as it was very popular. In fact we have documentation in a English Housekeeping Book from 1840 with a recipe for Bergamot pomatum. Quite the popular scent as it was still being made and used 120 years later.

The scent of bergamot is similar to a sweet light orange peel oil with a floral note.

According to the Dictionary of Traded Goods and Commodities, 1550-1820. Bergamot Pomatum was traded as early as 1696 where it was also known as JESSAMY POMATUM. Bergamont snuff was listed as trade and used as early as 1706.

Ingredients: lard, jojoba oil, almond oil, ben, Organic Bergamot EO, Organic Bees Wax  

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical 

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