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LBCC Historical

1869 Castor Oil Hair Pomade

1869 Castor Oil Hair Pomade

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Castor Oil Pomade
With organic beeswax
Harpers Universal

LBCC modified the original recipe and added beeswax to make this recipe able to travel.

Have you ever wondered how women could get their hair to do such amazing styles throughout history? Here is one of the best-kept secrets- Pomade. This 1869 pomade is a must for those who want shine and superior hold, the historical way. This is also great for those concerned with ingredients. Everything here is natural. No hidden chemicals. This was taken from a historical recipe book. The formula is authentic to its date! Not only will this make the hair shiny it will help condition the hair and give it needed nutrients that modern shampoos and chemicals strip from the hair. This pomade will leave your hair soft and shiny!

Not only does it add to the glossiness of the hair, but it also offers an amazing hold in any position, great for overnight sets as well as shine.

How To Apply: If possible, apply the oil a day ahead of time to let it soak in. I find the hair to be much more manageable this way. Use enough to coat each hair lightly but not dripping. Pomade should be applied anywhere you need hold. Use sparingly. A little goes a long way.

From LBCC owner:
"To achieve the curls pictured in the last photos. I massaged the pomade though my damp hair and set it in foam curlers over night. This works well to tame flyaways or help set your hair. You can achieve wonderful historic hair styles. "

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Labdanum, Almond Oil, Organic Bees Wax, Organic Bergamot Oil, Gum of Benjamin, Bulgarian Lavender EO, Bulgarian Rose Oil  


Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical 

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