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Eaton’s Flexosteels Waist Cincher 34/XL+ #112

Eaton’s Flexosteels Waist Cincher 34/XL+ #112

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Flexosteel!! What a name!

We’re assuming the name refers to lightweight and wonderful spiral steel boning!

This 1930’s ivory white cincher is a delightful piece of history and lovely for photo shoots , cosplay, performance or other fun! It’s not incredibly practical for every day wear under modern dress but that’s really up to you!

Would be marvellous styled as outerwear! Four metal garter clips.   

In good condition with obvious signs of wear , including some cracks on one of the rubber garter nipples though still usable, plenty of wear left as is!

It is size stamped a 34 and measures 31” resting to 41” fully stretched with short laces to loosen and tighten, we’d guess 34” is the smallest waist size this would work well on!

Photos of Kitten by Gigi 

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