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Lavender Water - Eau Du Toilette - w/ sprayer

Lavender Water - Eau Du Toilette - w/ sprayer

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Lavender Water

Can be used as - perfume, linen and room freshener
4 1/4fl. oz

This bottle is classic and would be adorable on any vanity. If you are looking for a natural alternative to those icky chemical room sprays, this is it! Spray it in your room, on your sheets, on your body. This is a very versatile and natural scented water.

Note: Lavender water appears in recipe books over the centuries from before the 18th century to after the 20th century. It is a timeless fragrance with many uses. This is not considered a perfume- Toilette waters are used for lightly scenting things like rooms, sheets, gloves, body

Historically, women used this recipe for many things, everything from perfume, to room fresheners, bug spray, and linen sprays. Recipes for Lavender Water have been used for centuries dating back to Egyptian times

It will help promote:
peace, healing, and relaxation in addition to using it to refreshen your face after a long day, or to give skin a hint of lavender. Lavender Water is also great for sunburns, bug bites, and wounds.

Enjoy this lovely bottle of Eau De Toilette. Scent your room, your sheets, clothing, and use it to refresh you skin!

Ingredients : Water, Alcohol, Organic Lavender Oil , Vegan Friendly


Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical 

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