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Dottie's Delights

Mesdames Tulle Jumpsuit- Blue, Pink and Lilac. Sizes XS-3X

Mesdames Tulle Jumpsuit- Blue, Pink and Lilac. Sizes XS-3X

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Dottie's Delights X Mosh have done it again!

A ever-so-slightly more practical version of the decidedly impractical Mam'selle tulle dressing gown: the Mesdames tulle jumpsuit that you can wear out and about in true showgirl fashion with your underpinning fineries! The most dramatic balloon sleeves with poufed harem pant legs all cinched at the waist with a satin sash tie that can be styled multiple ways. The stiff tulle creates a smoke-like effect around the body. Clean French seaming and soft velvet elastic trim at the wrists and ankles. Ties at the neck with a contrasting velvet tie trim. Please note it is very delicate so please be gentle and avoid pulling or twisting the armhole area, especially.

Available in a  array of macaron-inspired colors with contrast trims and belts: Sa Majesté (sky blue with navy blue), Black Currant Violet (lavender with deep raspberry), Pistachio (mint green with citrus yellow), and Rose Cardamom (baby pink with red).

Please note tulle is delicate and can tear easily or irritate some with sensitive skin. Extra caution should be taken when wearing.

These jumpsuits come in 2 sizing options -- size 1 will fit smaller frames and size 2 is for plus size and broad shouldered clientele. While the piece is open and flexible, I would recommend size 1 for XS-L and size 2 for XL-3X, roughly speaking!  

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Photos courtesy of Dottie's Delights

A design collaboration with vintage style icon Miss Mosh. These Mosh x Dottie's Delights have become fan favorites with their surrealist fantasy bent and sheer teases.

Photos of Enshantay by Dolly Shots Photography

Photo credits for photos of Mosh:

Model: Mosh
Photographer: Raul Gonzo
Hair/Makeup: Jodie Collins
Set Dressing and Design: Raul Gonzo


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