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Orange Flower Water

Orange Flower Water

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Can be used as a light perfume, linen/room spray, in bath water or laundry...and more! We love a splash in our lingerie washing basin!

Earliest Date of Use: 1591
Orange Flower water is one of the best-known waters with a light Flowery Citrus Scent, it is liked by most. It can be used as cologne, perfume, room freshener, and more. Try some in your bath water…. Heavenly!

Orange Flower water is documented as being used by Cleopatra and in Sicily by the fourteenth century as a scent for household linen. It has been a popular staple throughout history. By the 18th Century, it was being used for the household, cooking, and for the body. Many of the historical recipes from the 18th century through the 19th Century are the same for making Orange Flower water. 

Enjoy this historical yummy smelling water!!!

Marie Antoinette LOVED this stuff!!!

She was said to have loved to perfume herself, and to scent her linens with Orange flower water. She also used it in her cosmetics and in many of her rooms. She even cultivated bitter orange trees solely for the purpose of producing this lovely smelling water.

"The ufe of Orange-FLower Water is very Extenfive. It is high in efteem for its aromatic perfume;and is ufed with fuccefs for hysteric complaints." Toilet de Flora

Check it out and see why it is so much loved for so many centuries!

NOTE: This scented water is not perfume and the scent is not meant to last long. Their purpose is for a quick pick me up and to add to general household items like bath waters, body, hair, gloves, and washing tubs to give a lovely but extremely short-lived burst of freshness!


Flower oil, water, alcohol

Want a spray top? Find it HERE!

4.1/4 oz

Photos courtesy of LBCC Historical 

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