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Red Rose Vinegar Toner (Vegan)

Red Rose Vinegar Toner (Vegan)

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The very delightful Vegan Red Rose Vinegar Toner from LBCC!

Roses have been used for centuries for cosmetic, beauty care, and medicines. If you don't know how amazing they are for the skin, you do now!

Rose Vinegar has been a historical apothecary and beauty product used throughout history with various formula changes. It is great for all types of skin and generally helps rebalance your PH levels, soothes any redness or puffiness and can help with acne, aging, dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. It's a wonderful addition to your historical or vintage toilette routine.

How to use:
Toner: Use a cotton ball for application
Astringent: Use a cotton ball for the application and you don't need to rinse off.
Conditioner Rinse: Add a tablespoon to your rinse water.
Historically scented vinegar was sometimes used in Vinaigrettes as a way to combat unpleasantness
Headache Help: Take a cotton ball and apply some to your forehead and temples. We don't know if this actually works but it is frequently mentioned in historical texts.

Roses are known for having a toning effect on the skin and blood vessels, making them especially useful for helping to relieve skin or undereye puffiness, broken capillaries, and redness. Historically and even today, many love toilette products with rose or rose oil in them because are known to help all skin types. Rose products can help with excess oil production, but it is also recommended for dry and inflamed skin, acne and even those who suffer from rosacea, but also mature/aging skin as well. Don't worry if it stings a little. It's perfectly normal as it is rebalancing your skin's PH levels.

Shake Before Use! Natural Settlement & "Scoby's" or "Mothers" may occur. This is perfectly natural and can either be removed or left in the bottle. It's better to leave them in the bottle, but we understand if you want to remove them.

What can Rose do for the skin?

1. Balances pH and oil production
2. Astringent and Toning
3. Anti-inflammatory
4. Analgesic- Cooling and soothing. Great for itching or sunburns.
5. Antimicrobial
6. Antioxidant- This helps skin stay healthy and young.

NOTE: Vinegar has astringent properties, which helps in increasing the blood flow to the skin and minimize the pores, a great remedy for the ones with oily skin. It also regulates the pH level of your skin. The acidity of vinegar means that applying it directly to the skin can cause irritation and/or a burning sensation. Feel free to dilute your Rose Vinegar with some distilled water or rose water if necessary. For some people with sensitive skin, this may be too harsh.

Ingredients: Organic Roses, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Vinegar, Rose Water

Glass Bottle
2 fl oz
Color: This is a naturally colored product from the organic petals. the color can change but it won't' affect the product.

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