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Tigre Rebelle 3/4 Cup Bra By Antigel - sizes 30-40 C-G (EURO sizes)

Tigre Rebelle 3/4 Cup Bra By Antigel - sizes 30-40 C-G (EURO sizes)

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With its unique stripes and bewitching graphic details, Tigre Rebelle will make you purr with pleasure every day, as you strut like a majestic feline!

• Stretch fabric with tiger print
• Lined cups made in 3 parts
• Stiff tulle lining for support
• Low center and rounded shape
• Satin/Organza bow between the cups
• U shape back lined with toning tulle for added support
• Adjustable straps

The cup shape is perfect for v-necks or lower necklines.

I LOVE this bra! It's still supportive but the lower neckline is a little sexier!

Shop the Tigre Rebelle collection including more bra styles/sizes here!

Fit tips: I found this bra to fit true to size , most will prefer their usual size.

Please note this bra is sized and listed in EURO sizes, we've included a size chart as many of our other bras are listed in UK. The main difference? There is no DD. I found this bra fit quite true to size! If you are typically a DD, size down to a D for a less full shape and up to an E if you are a more full shape.

Photos Courtesy Of Antigel

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